Dental Temps AZ is a native Arizonian owned and operated Dental Staffing & Business Solution Referral Service. We offer temporary & permanent placements of licensed, skilled, and caring individuals that meet the specific staffing needs of local dental offices while providing job opportunities to local dental personnel.

Our goal is to provide your office with the very best dental personnel available ensuring a “seamless” transition between our candidates and your staff & patients; allowing your office to run efficiently and be financially productive.

Our candidates are thoroughly screened and subsequently “matched-up” to your needs. They receive varied work experiences and on-going training which allows them to grow professionally.

Our amazing team of dental coaches are here to help you achieve your professional goals by offering customized business solutions for your office.

Our methods ensure that the dental offices we serve and our candidates achieve a mutually beneficial relationship with opportunities for growth and professional enrichment.

Core Values:

Accountability – Our team members are responsible for their actions. We follow through on our commitments. We will be on time and professional at all times. We will promptly address any concerns our clients/candidates may have and resolve those concerns as quickly as possible.

Quality – We hold ourselves to a higher standard always doing everything to the best of our ability. We will seek out new training opportunities for our candidates. We welcome any suggestions that will help us provide a better service.

Integrity – We will be honest in all our dealings with the doctors that have placed their trust in us. We will treat you with respect and follow the Golden Rule, “Do unto others…”

Service – We will care and serve your patients as you do. We will demonstrate patience, kindness, and understanding towards your patients as we perform our duties in your office. We will always remember we are treating an individual, not just a “tooth” and that the patient’s overall health and well-being is our main priority. We will organize and carry-out Community Outreach Programs that will benefit our local community and provide service opportunities for our temping candidates and your dental offices.

Opportunity – Dental Temps AZ is committed to seeing that our businesses are mutually benefited by the services we provide. Our clients will have access to well-trained individuals that will assist in keeping their offices running smoothly and productively. Our candidates will have employment opportunities and trainings that will enable them to grow professionally.