“During Covid-19 my hours were cut due to scheduling issues. It was shortly after that that I saw a Dental Temps AZ ad on Facebook. I contacted Leticia and started the registration process with her service. She was very professional and made the whole process very easy. Had my first temping assignment that next month and have been temping part-time with her service ever since. I really enjoy it! The offices I have temped at are welcoming and very helpful. I’ve meet nice patients and have made new friends. I highly recommend to anyone that is looking to find a “forever” office and just wanting to make extra money to contact Leticia at Dental Temps AZ. It is a great agency to work for!”
– Inez C., Hygienist

“I cannot recommend Dental Temps AZ enough for both dental offices and staff looking for temporary or permanent employment. Leticia has helped me find many temporary jobs as well as my current permanent position which I love! She manages her company well and has given me great opportunities to work in clinics all over Tucson. Leticia is professional, honest, and overall a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend working with her for all your dental staffing needs!”
– Gabby S., Hygienist

“I’ve been working with Leticia since 2018 and absolutely love her! She is very on top of things, answering questions and concerns quickly. The extra money is awesome! Temping is an opportunity to not only earn extra money but to make new contacts. Leticia finds the jobs for you so you don’t  have to. A win-win situation in my opinion.”
– Stella L., Hygienist

“Thank you, Leticia at Dental Temps AZ! I found out about Dental Temps AZ through a co-worker when I was looking for a permanent career move. Leticia was so helpful and understanding and found me employment that led to a great team and a permanent position that I love!”
– Sandie M., Assistant 

“Leticia has been fabulous to work with. Her heart is to find the right fit for every dental office. I’ve enjoyed the flexibility of temping and look forward to having a long-term relationship with Dental Temps AZ.”
– Lori T., Assistant 

“I recently moved to Prescott and Dental Temps AZ has been very helpful in placing me in several front office positions for temp work. I appreciate her dedication to her clients and to us, her staffing candidates! Her professionalism, love of dentistry, and volunteer work speaks volumes about her character. Thank you, Leticia, for all that you do for us!”
– Sharon R., Receptionist

“Dental Temps AZ has been a pleasure to work with. Leticia is wonderful about temporary placements and works with great offices. Anytime I have concerns or questions about compensation or anything else to do with my placements, my concerns & questions have been addressed immediately. Dental Temps has been the best temp agency I have ever worked with! Thanks for the great work experiences!”
– Hannah P., Hygienist

“I was so lucky to have meet Leticia just after my graduation. I got hired on permanently at my first temping assignment! She continues to help by filling my days-off with temping assignments. She has been a great resource for answering any questions I had as a new graduate in my job search and interview & resume tips. Her knowledge and experience has helped me not feel like a ‘newbie’ to the dental field. Leticia, thank you so much for your help!”
– Golnaz N., Hygienist 

“So happy with my experience with Dental Temps AZ! I stayed continually busy and had the opportunity to explore numerous offices. I eventually found my dream office while temping with her service. Leticia makes it so easy and is with you every step of the way through every assignment from start to finish. I would recommend Dental Temps AZ to anyone wanting to temp or if you’re looking for your ‘dream’ job!”
– Lanae, M., Assistant

“Making extra cash has never been easier! Dental Temps AZ emails me when offices nearby are in need of a hygienist and if it works with MY schedule, I’m there! The flexibility is great! Reimbursement is fast and very competitive! I highly recommend Dental Temps AZ to anyone looking to temp or permanent employment.”
– Heather S., Hygienist

“Thank you, Dental Temps AZ for helping me find my full-time dental home a couple of years back. Also, for giving me the opportunity to temp in various offices gaining experience with different dental software and equipment. I have been working with Leticia for over 3yrs now and hope to continue to do so for many more.”
– Yana V., Hygienist