1. When given a temping assignment… Call the office on the same day or next business day to confirm and get placement details (arrival time, contact person, directions to office, appropriate attire, and any other pertinent information).

2. If requested, visit the office prior to placement and introduce yourself.

3. Dress appropriately (scrubs for clinical staff and business attire for front desk personnel unless instructed otherwise by the office).

4. Arrive on time! Give yourself plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the office, your operatory, sterilization area, equipment, supplies, and patient charts. If office holds a morning huddle, attend. Temps are expected to arrive 15mins prior to the 1st patient unless instructed otherwise by the office.

5. Your time is the DOCTOR’s time! DO NOT do personal business while on temping assignment. If a patient cancels, ask other staff members how you can assist them. Stay productive. Leave any essential personal business until your lunch hour or after you have clocked out.

6. DO NOT participate in gossiping of any kind. DO NOT discuss your hourly rate. DO NOT discuss other offices/placements with your current placement. DO NOT discuss any other items/topics that should be kept confidential (when in doubt, don’t discuss).

7. Call Dental Temps AZ immediately if:
– You are unable to fulfill a placement you have confirmed
– If your temping assignment changes (ie: length of time) or is cancelled by employer
– Are asked to become a permanent employee
– Have any concerns regarding your placement

8. BE PREPARED! Have your timesheet readily available and any personal items clean and/or sterile and ready for use.

9. Familiarize yourself with our Mission Statement and Core Values AND strictly adhere to them.

Questions to Ask When Confirming:

  • Date, Time and Location of assignment
  • Appropriate attire (ie: attire for front desk personnel)
  • Any special considerations

Prior to Beginning Work Day:

  • Greet and Introduce yourself to all staff
  • Familiarize yourself with the office layout, sterilization, your operatory, the day’s schedule and patient’s chart
  • Any special verbiage doctor would like you to use when patients ask you, “WHO you are?” and “WHY you are there?”